Bongo Breakdown (sadly not a dance)

Well, we made it through the week. This was one of those weeks where it felt like nothing got done the way it was supposed to, but at the end of the week, most of it got done one way or another.

Our week started off with us trying to visit a member, getting lost in the village, hitting some rocks on the bottom of our Bongo, and then setting “no village rule” when we’re driving in the Bongo.

On Thursday we noticed our car was leaking oil so we planned to take it to the mechanics on Friday. Turns out the gear box was shifted (somehow unrelated to rock attack) and the exhaust was pinched (100% related to the rock attack). The gear box had needed a new valve for a while so this seemed a good as time as any to buy one, and now our Bongo retains its oil and can shift into gears much better. I’ve shown a picture of the oil change pit before, but I’m still not used to it. It’s a hand dug dirt pit that you drive the car over so the mechanic can hop underneath and work on the gear box and whatever else is underneath a car. The pit is wide enough for a couple of men to fit in it, but that means that it is just barely narrow enough for our car to drive over. Our favorite mechanic, Mr. Mbwana (mr boss), was in the pit tightening the gear box when the head mechanic, Lamech, reversed the car and drove it off of the pit. I don’t think I’ve seen a more tense and shaky situation in my life! But they are pros and do this often. And now after 6 ½ hours we have a refreshed vehicle that is banned from dirt roads.

Because we have a minibus, we’re able to help take people to and from services most weeks. Recently, we’ve been picking up a family before services, driving to church together, inviting them to our home for dinner and fellowship, then driving them home or to a junction where they can get a bike taxi home. It has been going really well! I love being able to host people and get to know our family here on another level. Plus, I enjoy introducing people to some of our favorite dishes, such a tacos :).

On the Sabbath we started a sign up list for people to help with editing the translated Fundamental Beliefs booklet. It’s almost done! If everything goes smoothly—or even just smoothish—we should be ready to print within a month or so. So excited! The Road to Eternal Life booklet has also been translated, so I’m currently in the process of typing it up. Typing up so much Chichewa has helped me get a better grasp of the language, which I’m so thankful for. Chichewa is thankfully a very phoenetic language, but sometimes I still need somebody to pronounce a word for me. My most recent tounge twister has been, “wam’mwambamwamba.” I’m now able to have little conversations with the correct tense, and soon (hopefully in February) Brennan and I will be taking Chichewa classes at a language center!

Hope you’re all doing well!

Zikomo kwambiri


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