We’re Back! But the Power Isn’t…

Daily rainstorm 🙂

We’re back! Thank you for all of your prayers for our safe and hassle free travel.

We left Colorado the night of the 3rd, but our flight was delayed a bit so technically the early early morning of the 4th. We took a 4 hour (i think?) red eye flight to New York, then a 14ish hour flight to South Africa, and then a short 2 hour flight to Malawi on the 5th. It was smooth sailing, or flying, and we didn’t run into any problems :).

Once we got back home we were blessed with an slow schedule so we could rest and get our bodies onto Malawian time.

It really is so nice to be back. When we left, it was still the dry season and the air was very smoky. Now, however, we’ve moved into the wet season and Lilongwe has just exploded with color! Our neighborhood is back to vivid greens and planting season has already started. I’m looking forward to the bright green maize fields popping up everywhere! We’ve been enjoying the daily rainstorms that bring in some cool weather. It’s been in the high 70’s/low 80’s with 81ish% humidity daily.

Apartments near our house

On Thursday we were able to go to the LifeNets office to do a bit of office work and pick up some bags of cement for one of our members who Brennan and I lovingly refer to as our, “Malawian mum.” She recently started up a daycare and is building a classroom outside of her house to teach in. So we got to visit with her and the kids Thursday afternoon when we dropped off the cement bags.

Before the Feast, power was actually pretty steady! But recently power has been shutting off and ESCOM (Malawi’s only power company) admitted that they are only producing enough power to fill half of the country’s needs (http://mailchi.mp/783f42ff1479/load-shedding-programme-from-29th-october-to-5th-november-2017). Because of the lack of power, large foreign companies have put forth statements saying that they will fulfill their contracts, but will pull out of Malawi next year. This does not bode well for the Malawian economy. Already prices have been going up; a bag of cement in August was around 6000mwk and now it’s up to 11,000mwk. A bit before the Feast a water line was contaminated, and since then, the Lilongwe Water Board has demanded that their electricity be kept on otherwise they cannot properly sanitize water. Hospitals have started to demand the same because they have lost patients due to the lack of electricity. ESCOM has stopped turning off their power, but that means that many, especially rural, areas are going without power for anywhere from 22 hours to 3 days.

This was our first Sabbath back and it was great! Brennan gave the announcements and a short update on our trip back to the States. Then he and the Kachali sisters sang Wonderful, Merciful, Saviour for special music. After services we had a baptism and welcomed another brother into the Family! It was very exciting :). Afterwords, the Kachali sisters gave a presentation about their Youch Corps trip to Ghana this past summer. You can click here https://www.ucg.org/members/news/first-impressions-summer-camp-in-ghana to see a blog post Lancy Kachali wrote about her experience in Ghana.

The Kachali sisters’ presentation with a photobomb by baby Trevor

We’re looking forward to another week in our second home 🙂



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