Goin’ Back Home!

Well we’re headed back to Malawi today! This past month and a half has been great and so relaxing. We got to visit friends and family in Kansas, go to our church’s training conference in Ohio, stay with family in California for Thanksgiving, and relax with family and friends in Colorado.

I love my home, but God’s calling is greater than any physical home. I was reading You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes by Lisa McKay (a fantastic book by the way) and came across a line that struck me. On page 121 she said, “He [Paul] could have settled into a nice home in the Judean countryside with nary a stoning or a whipping in sight. However, he knew his calling wasn’t in safety but in sacrifice. You will never be content on the sidelines when God has called you to the field.” Anybody who knows me knows that I love kids, and can’t wait to have my own. But right now, God has called me to serve in Malawi (don’t worry mom, I won’t have a baby in Malawi) and I wouldn’t be content living at home and raising kids in the US if it meant I was ignoring His call. God has called me to live and serve in an amazing country, therefore I will gladly go to my second home Malawi. Plus, I have some amazing sisters there that I cannot wait to hug because a month and a half has been to long :).

Brennnan and I would really appreciate your prayers for our safety as we fly back home. Thank you! We love you all 🙂


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